Bloombux® – flower & form

The modern Bloombux® offers you flower & form in one plant. The blooming evergreen hedge is a real eye-catcher in your garden. It is ideal for planting in pots on the terrace and for pruning (preferably directly after flowering). It combines the lush flowering in May and June with great features similar to those of the box tree. The Bloombux® is an easy-care rhododendron that grows in almost any loose garden soil.

Bloombux Blüte
Bloombux Blüte
Bloombux Blüte
Bloombux Stadtbalkon hängend
Bloombux Kübel
Junge Frau Bloombux Stadtbalkon
Nugget by Bloombux® und Nugget by Bloombux® Magenta

Nugget by Bloombux® – Ideal for flower bed edges, hedges and ground cover

Are you looking for an easy-care alternative to the box tree to give your flowerbed the right edging? Then the small Nugget by Bloombux® is exactly the right choice. Due to its good pruning tolerance, it is ideal for edging flower beds, hedges or as a ground cover. Another advantage is the stunning flowering in May and June.

Bloombux® – Ideal for the garden and the tub

The Bloombux® in 2 l or 5 l pots can be planted as an individual plant in the garden, but it will also thrive in a planter on the terrace or at the front door. In May and June, it overwhelms with its splendour of flowers. It is easy to prune and easy to care for.

Bloombux® und Bloombux® Magenta Packshots
Bloombux® und Bloombux® Magenta in Kugel-Form

Bloombux® ball – as a solitaire in the garden or in a planter

Do you like topiary cuts? Then the Bloombux® ball is just the thing for you. The young Bloombux® was already trimmed into shape and forms the perfect ball. You can plant it as a highlight into your garden or place it in a tub on your terrace.

Bloombux im Kübel
Bloombux im Kübel auf Stadtbalkon
Bloombux Hauseingang