Boxwood leaf blight, often colloquially referred to as boxwood fungus, is one of the most common diseases of boxwood, along with the boxwood borer. An infestation with boxwood leaf blight - Cylindrocladium buxicola - causes the plant to lose all its leaves. There are currently only a few remedies against boxwood leaf blight in your own garden. When using these pesticides, the application instructions must be followed exactly. Instead of buying a boxwood, it is best to buy a Bloombux® directly and benefit from the fact that it cannot be attacked by boxwood leaf drop. The reasons for this and what else you should know about boxwood leaf blight are described below.



Boxwood leaf fall does not exist with Bloombux®: What does boxwood leaf fall look like?

Box tree leaf drop - scientific name Cylindrocladium buxicola - has spread in recent years, especially in northern Germany. In the meantime, however, box tree owners in the south of Germany have also had to struggle with box tree leaf blight time and again. The first sign of boxwood leaf blight is the appearance of spots on both young and old leaves. As the disease progresses, the old leaves become covered with more and more brown spots. Later, black stripes that slowly spread on infested shoots are the clear indicator that your boxwood is suffering from boxwood leaf blight. A Bloombux® presents itself as an excellent alternative in this context, because it cannot be attacked by boxwood leaf drop. This is because, although the Bloombux® looks like a box tree and also has some of its growth characteristics, it is ultimately not a box tree but a rhododendron.

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Boxwood leaf blight: No danger with Bloombux®.

Anyone who owns a box tree affected by box tree leaf blight must be prepared not only for discoloured leaves, but sooner or later often also for extensive shoot death. In the worst case, the entire plant dies. This cannot happen to you with a Bloombux®, because it is 100% free of boxwood leaf drop. Since the pathogen can survive for many years in the soil, it is not uncommon for new crops and plants to be directly reinfected.

Fighting boxwood leaf blight: What to do against this particular boxwood disease?

If you have not yet chosen a Bloombux® and therefore have not yet been able to benefit from it being and remaining absolutely free of infestation in terms of boxwood leaf blight, you should above all consider preventive measures for your boxwood in order to avoid an infestation with boxwood leaf blight. Just as against boxwood pests and various other diseases, it is often more effective to take various precautionary measures to prevent an infestation. These include keeping the above-ground part of the plant as dry as possible.

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Choose Bloombux® and avoid box tree leaf infestation

Boxwood leaf infestation spreads in many different ways and, both in the event of an infestation and as a preventative measure, there are only a few measures that can be implemented to combat boxwood leaf infestation. Those who nevertheless do not want to do without a small hedge, border or individual specimen plants can opt for Bloombux® as a flowering alternative. One of the most important advantages of Bloombux is that it is insensitive to boxwood leaf drop, many classic pests and also the boxwood borer. In addition, the Bloombux® inspires with great growth characteristics, an impressive flowering and easy care. That's why more and more boxwood lovers are choosing a Bloombux® and foregoing the risk of infestation with boxwood leaf blight.

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