Buy boxwood alternative Bloombux® - Find your source quickly and easily!

We are pleased that we could convince you to beautify your garden with Bloombux®! Whether you buy it as an alternative to a boxwood or simply because you like Bloombux® and Bloombux® Magenta so much: You will certainly have a lot of pleasure with this purchase.

Many garden centres, DIY stores and other sales outlets have Bloombux® in their range. The good thing about buying locally is that you can choose your favourite Bloombux® yourself and browse for a few beautiful companion plants at the same time. And this is how you can easily find the quickest way to your Bloombux®: Enter your postcode in the field provided, specify a radius in kilometres and click on "Start search". You will receive a list of garden centres and sales facilities within your radius - including address and telephone number. You can also use the route planner to plan your way there directly.

Alternatively, you can of course order Bloombux® online. To do this, simply enter "buy Bloombux" in your search engine and you will be offered various online purchase options. When buying online, please always make sure that the retailer guarantees careful and prudent delivery so that your boxwood alternative arrives safe and sound.

We hope you enjoy your Bloombux®.



This is the easiest and fastest way to get your Bloombux®. Enter your post code in the field provided, define a radius in kilometres and click on “Start search”. A list of garden centres and shops in your area including the address and telephone number will be displayed and you can also plan your route accordingly. 

We hope you enjoy your Bloombux®.