The Bloombux® is a modern and versatile alternative to the traditional boxwood. Unlike boxwood, the Bloombux® shows full bloom in the early summer months, is equally hardy and easy to care for. In addition, the Bloombux® is free of most typical boxwood pests and diseases. So that you too can be convinced by a Bloombux® as a boxwood alternative, we present the various advantages that our modern plant breeding brings with it in detail below.

How can the Bloombux® convince?

The Bloombux® is a modern plant cross of particularly robust rhododendron species. This means that it systematically belongs to a different plant family than the boxwood. Nevertheless, at first glance, the Bloombux® could be mistaken for a boxwood - but without the disadvantages in terms of diseases that are typical for a boxwood. So that you can make your decision for a Bloombux® even more consciously, we present the advantages in detail once again.


Bloombux Blüten und Hand



Winter hardy and easy to care for


Cut tolerant


Striking flowers


Insensitive to boxwood diseases


Insensitive to typical boxwood pests

Bloombux® as hedge, tub or pot plant

The Bloombux® is particularly versatile and can score with suitable growth characteristics depending on your wishes. It beautifies your garden both as a hedge and area plant and as a pot or tub plant. You can use the Bloombux® as a specimen plant and it is guaranteed to attract attention simply because of its striking flowers. As a hedge, it provides a green border for plots or garden areas.


Bloombux als Türkranz
Junge Frau pflanzt Bloombux in Kübel
Bloombux als Dekoelement

Bloombux® has strikingly beautiful flowers. Now also in magenta!

Most boxwoods are evergreen shrubs whose flowering is rather inconspicuous. Bloombux®, on the other hand, is a rhododendron and these are known for their particularly striking and lush flowers: Especially in the months of May and June, Bloombux® shows itself in full bloom. If you have had enough of monotonous hedge plants that have nothing more than different shades of green to offer, Bloombux® is the ideal choice thanks to its abundance of flowers.

Bloombux® is available in two different colours: Bloombux® Pink and Magenta.

Bloombux® und Bloombux® Magenta als Kugel

Bloombux® is easy to care for and winter-hardy

The Bloombux® can thrive in almost any loose garden soil and, depending on the variety, feels at home in both sunny and semi-shady spots. In addition, Bloombux® proves to be lime tolerant, which is usually very unusual for a rhododendron. In addition to its flexibility in the choice of location, the Bloombux® convinces with its winter hardiness and evergreen foliage. As it has excellent pruning tolerance, you can also shape the Bloombux® to your own taste.


Bloombux Zünsler

Bloombux® remains free from many boxwood pests and diseases.

Whether it's the boxwood borer or boxwood leaf drop - the boxwood has to contend with all kinds of diseases and pests in nature. The Bloombux® doesn't mind, because as a rhododendron it is naturally insensitive to specific boxwood diseases, so it proves to be a real gift for all plant lovers. Especially nowadays, when various diseases seem to be rampant in boxwoods, buying a Bloombux® is all the more worthwhile.


Conclusion: The advantages of the Bloombux® are convincing

Garden lovers quickly realise that the Bloombux® is something special. Although it is a rhododendron, the Bloombux® has many of the characteristics of a boxwood, such as easy care, site tolerance and pruning tolerance. Clear advantages are above all the attractive flowering and also the inherent protection against infestation by the box tree borer, box tree canker or box tree leaf drop. These distinguish the Bloombux® from the boxwood. For this reason alone, it is worth considering buying a Bloombux®.

Junge Frau auf Stadtbalkon mit Bloombux
Bloombux platzieren
Junge Frau auf Stadtbalkon mit Bloombux